From the design of working platforms for plant, to the design of propping for a multi storey structure, to a system for lowering a 45m diameter roof from 90m to ground level, Andun can provide the solution.


Andun has worked on a number of high profile process plant decommissionings, providing 3d sequencing drawings, lift plans and the design of support systems where necessary. Works have also included project management and planning and programming, in support of the proposed sequence of works.


Whether it’s advice on demolition methodology; designing temporary works to facilitate demolition; assessing allowable loads on a structure, or designing lifting equipment for the scheme, Andun can help.


Andun is able to analyse all manner of structures in order to demonstrate that our proposals are safe. Previous experience includes reinforced concrete, steel framed structures, gas holders, masonry and timber structures. This includes the assessment of structures subject to fire, seismic, structural damage and those damaged through corrosion.


Andun can provide drawings illustrated in 3D for tender and construction purposes. We are able to illustrate your proposals or we can provide and illustrate proposals to suit your needs. We have found 3D drawings to be a significant benefit when working with clients on tenders, as it allows those unfamiliar with construction to understand the proposals better than traditional 2D drawings.


The company has a great deal of experience working on Network Rail Projects and has been involved with numerous high profile projects from tender to completion. Andun are familiar and compliant with procedures and can provide assistance from tender to completion.