Andun provides independent BS5975 compliant Cat III checks for the construction industry. 

A Cat III check is required when a temporary works design is complex, unusual or in a high hazard location; such as a nuclear environment or works adjacent to a railway.  

Cat III checks are performed by our team of specialist temporary works designers; engineers that understand the checking process and needs of the project. 

Specialist Temporary Works Designers 

Andun add value to Cat III checks by ensuring that our findings are not presented as pass/fail.  Instead, our team review projects and provide comprehensive feedback on the validity of the design. Our engineers where appropriate raise issues and work with the designer to resolve queries while maintaining the requisite level of independence. 

Where appropriate we may suggest design changes that will deliver a benefit to the overall project team.   

Recommendations are based on project safety and design efficacy. The CAT III check may also identify potentially less labour intensive solutions or savings that could be made by using alternative materials. 

An example of this would be a crash deck that Andun were tasked to CAT III check where we suggested a change from two layers of scaffold boards running on top of each to two layers running perpendicular to each other.  

This improved the load spread and reduced the likelihood of rubble punching through the crash deck. This had no impact on cost or erection timescales but enhanced the safety of the design.  

Andun have an excellent track record of performing CAT III checks on a variety of different schemes particularly in railway and nuclear environments.   


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If you have a project that requires a CAT III check and would like more information about how Andun can perform these checks on your behalf, please email or telephone us directly on 01245 360194