Coleman & Company


Andun has worked for Coleman & Company for a period well in excess of ten years. They are backed by solid practical common sense engineering know how that is naturally innovative and efficient, supported by many years of experience and a wide variety of projects from small to large simple to complex.


Their commitment to the team is second to none, they have a can do approach, they state clearly if they cannot deliver against timescales proposed. That is not to say they cannot deliver, far from it, after giving reliable achievable deadlines they deliver time and time again. When they commit to anyone or anything it is always with 110% effort, commitment, professionalism and dedication. Another important factor in their attitude is with regard to cost, it is very important to Andun that cost of their design is considered in a variety of ways, comparing time to install versus ease of use and repetitive use of components and designs always having the practical experience to back up that the design cannot only be delivered it can be built / or demolished out in the field.


Andun has worked with Coleman’s on some of the largest demolition projects in the UK, with particular mention of Birmingham New Street where we have now worked together on this complex scheme for four years. Where without exception, every one of the 150 or more schemes that we have submitted have all been approved without exception. The schemes are innovative, efficient but they are also very well laid out when you receive the drawings; i.e. the drafting of the GA, sequence and details is just right to enable ease of understanding for all of whom who need to use the information.


The safety of a scheme is always the first consideration in any Andun scheme; their proposals are workable out in the field, plus any areas where safety Is a concern hazard triangles are clearly used on the drawings, alerting the reader to the risks that need to reviewed and incorporated in the planning stage and the development of safe systems of work.


Finally, Andun has worked for Coleman’s continuously they have grown with our business, I rate their performance as second to none we would have no hesitation in recommending them for Engineering projects.

By Mark Coleman, Managing Director of Coleman & Co