Andun were appointed by Hochtief construction (UK) Ltd at the Tender stage to assist with the LOCROS demolition and temporary works proposals.

The aim of the scheme was to introduce step free access to the Seven Kings, Manor Park, and Maryland stations on the Crossrail route. Hochtief were subsequently awarded the contract for the LOCROS project and Andun were appointed to provide temporary works and demolition proposals for the scheme.

LOCROS Demolition & Temporary Works

Seven Kings

Andun works to date have included demolition assessments for platform canopies, plant loading assessment for platforms, polybridge crossings, crane positions, piling platforms, excavation support and hoarding design.

The hoardings are of an innovative design, that Andun provided for all three stations. Post in hole solutions for spans up to 6m, with rail loadings have been designed and successfully installed at the station.

The design solution provides an easy to erect solution using the minimum plan footprint, which is vital in a station environment. Signal sighting and the outline of the proposed permanent works meant that a very small footprint was available in which to construct the hoardings.


The form A submission for Maryland identified a potential problem with the existing retaining walls in the temporary condition.

Andun were tasked with assessing existing retaining wall and providing a Form AA AB submission to demonstrate that the wall would remain stable during the temporary construction stages. Including loading from construction plant in the temporary condition. Andun provided a design solution which utilised piles being installed as part of the permanent works to ensure stability, thereby saving significant time and costs in comparison to the originally proposed temporary works.

Manor park

Manor park posed the most technical challenges, with the requirements for the demolition of large sections of the raised walkway concrete/masonry walkway, in a site with restrictive access, and fragile OLE. Andun provided a unique solution to the problem which you can find out more about here.

The restrictive nature of the site meant that access for craneage required for the required an innovative design. Andun’s solution was to utilise the existing gravity retaining wall as the outrigger pads for the 500-tonne crane, thereby removing destabilising load from the rear of the wall, and actually increase the stability of the structure.