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LPS Structure Demolition Engineering [Video]

This webinar focused on the demolition engineering of Large Panel System (LPS) structures, specifically addressing demolition practices, risks, and mitigation strategies.

Webinar Overview:

Here is a brief review of the topics discussed

  • In-Depth Analysis of LPS Structures: Understand the construction, risks, and historical context of Large Panel System buildings, emphasising why detailed planning is crucial for their safe demolition.
  • Coventry Point & Hartopp Lannoy Case Studies: A comprehensive look at the demolition process for Coventry Point and Hartopp Lannoy. Showcasing pre-demolition assessments, risk mitigation strategies, and the execution of public safety measures.
  • Demolition Methodologies Explored: Explore various techniques for top-down demolition, including the use of cranes and high-reach excavators, and learn why the design of temporary works is fundamental to ensuring a safe demolition process.
  • Safety and Mitigation Strategies: Discover the strategies implemented to prevent structural instability, manage demolition debris, and protect the public from potential hazards during the demolition of LPS structures.

LPS Structure Demolition Case Studies:

There were two case studies mentioned Coventry Point and Hartopp and Lannoy.

  • Detailed pre-demolition assessments and risk mitigation strategies undertaken.
  • Focus on public safety measures, including exclusion zones and management of demolition debris.
  • Use of raking props for ensuring panel stability and load testing for justifying equipment use on LPS floors.
  • Approaches to top-down demolition, featuring crane dismantling and high-reach excavators.
  • The significance of temporary works design in promoting safe demolition procedures.
  • Creation of comprehensive demolition plans that account for LPS-specific risks.
  • Implementation of safety measures, such as temporary works and propping systems, to avert structural instability.
  • Employment of exclusion zones and regulated demolition times to reduce public exposure to potential dangers.

Resources for Further Learning:

LPS Structures

  • Building Research Establishment (BRE)
  • Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)
  • National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC)
  • Institute of Demolition Engineers (IDE)

Temporary Works:

    • Temporary Works Forum (TWF)
    • BS 5975:2019
    • ICE Temporary Works: Principles of design and construction