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Temporary Works For Construction Industry – March 2024

This webinar explores the vital role of temporary works for construction professionals and the complexities of temporary works in construction and demolition projects.

Offering expert insights and case studies on innovative solutions and safety considerations essential to engineering practices.

The webinar meticulously unpacks their pivotal role and historical evolution within the construction industry. Through case studies and technical discussions, it highlights the criticality of temporary works in ensuring project safety, structural integrity, and efficiency.

Webinar Topic Overview

The webinar hosted by Joshua Martin and David Stevens covered the following topics.

Importance of Temporary Works: Temporary works play a critical role in construction projects, emphasising their contribution to safety, project efficiency, and structural integrity.

History of Temporary Works: Overview of the historical development of temporary works practices and their evolution over time to the current standards under BS5975

Types of Temporary Works: Introduction to various temporary structures like formwork, falsework, scaffolds, and crane positions, highlighting their necessity in construction projects.

Engineering Challenges and Solutions: Technical discussions on the complexities of designing and implementing temporary works, including stability assessments and engineering solutions.

Risk Management: The critical role of temporary works in mitigating risks associated with construction and demolition activities.

Project Case Studies: Detailed examination of specific projects that illustrate the application of temporary works in real-world scenarios.

Specialised Temporary Works Applications: Insights into the design and use of bespoke lifting gear, facade retention systems, and the employment of SPMTs for precise structure movements.

Structural Support and Stability during Redevelopment: The importance of temporary works in ensuring structural integrity and safety during redevelopment projects.

Innovative Engineering Solutions: Exploration of innovative engineering approaches in the design and implementation of temporary works.

Temporary Works Webinar Series

The webinar on temporary works is part of a monthly CPD series.

Each one covers a different element of temporary works or demolition engineering.

Through detailed case studies and technical discussions, the series highlights the necessity of innovative engineering solutions in navigating the complexities of temporary works.