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Propping and Needling – Design Considerations & Case Studies

April’s temporary works webinar focused on the design considerations of propping and needling in cut-and-carve demolition projects.

Presenters: Joshua Martin and Richard Boyle

This session, aimed at construction professionals, structural engineers, and project managers, highlighted the best practices and technical insights for handling load-bearing walls during renovations and demolitions.

Key Considerations

The webinar covered several critical aspects:

  • Structural Analysis: Importance of understanding the existing load paths and structural behavior before implementing modifications.
  • Site Investigation: Emphasis on thorough site assessments to tailor the propping and needling systems accurately to the building’s specifications.
  • Load Management: Strategies for redistributing loads safely, ensuring that temporary structures are capable of handling added stress without risk.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring all procedures meet industry standards and building regulations to maintain safety and legality.

Learning Outcomes

Webinar attendees left with a deeper understanding of:

  • Technical Knowledge: Enhanced grasp of mechanical principles behind load distribution in temporary support systems.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Improved ability to devise effective solutions to structural challenges in construction projects.
  • Safety Management: Increased awareness of the critical safety protocols necessary to prevent accidents and structural failures.