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Load Paths Webinar Recording

Load Paths Webinar Recording

Load paths are the way a load travels from where the load is applied to its final destination (usually the ground).

Load paths enable engineers to understand how a structure will work; incorrect assumptions on load paths can cause structural instability, cracking, failure and unexpected loadings.

Webinar Overview

Panelists: Joshua Martin (Andun Engineering Consultants) and Angus Holdsworth (Andun Engineering Consultants)

Date: 4th March 2022

Duration: 41:29

This webinar was a review of the importance and engineering considerations for Load Paths that included a number of different case studies.

Providing an overview of of what a load path is and the importance this has on engineering projects particularly for demolition projects. This includes where load paths may change regularly during the demolition of the structure, and a look at the references to load paths in BS6187.

Types of Loading 

There is a review and analysis of the different types of loading and the design considerations that must be taken into account

  • Vertical Loads – Gravity loadings (self weight), Imposed loadings (live load)
  • Lateral Loadings – Gravity loadings (self weight), Imposed loadings
  • Combined Load Cases

Load Paths Content Outline

Here is a summary of the different topics discussed in the webinar, including a timestamp of where in the video these are included.

  • What are Load Paths (0:09)
  • BS6187 (02:12)
  • Types of Loading (04:30)
  • What Needs To Be Considered For Load Paths (10:57)
  • How to Design Around Load Paths (13:08)
  • Overview and Further Resources (40:18)

Case Studies

The following case studies were outlined during the webinar and were illustrated using drawings, calculations and videos.

Additional Resources

Load Paths Webinar Additional Resources