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Cut & Carve Demolition

A review of the engineering disciplines in the design of effective cut and carve demolition schemes.

In this webinar Josh Martin and James Dunlop break down the core aspects of demolition practices, focusing on methodologies and the vital role of temporary works.

Drawing on real project examples, they highlight practical challenges and solutions related to structural considerations and load history. Dive in for a straightforward, engineer-focused discussion on ensuring efficient and safe demolition processes.

  • Cut and Carve Demolition:
    • Introduction
    • Methodology
    • Structural modifications
  • Project Phases:
    • Description of various phases
    • Installation of permanent works
    • Careful removal and demolition
  • Temporary Works:
    • Importance in structural stability
    • Use of sequence drawings and 3D isometrics
    • Introduction of the “clamp” detail
  • Understanding the Structure:
    • Importance of considering load history
    • Challenges presented by deflection and stability
  • Project Handovers:
    • Importance of proper handover processes
    • Potential dangers and challenges
  • Resources and References:
    • Temporary Works Forum
    • BS5975 British standard
    • NFDC and IDE for demolition guidance
    • Safe by Design principles