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Bridge Demolition Engineering Practices and Case Studies

CPD webinar overview of bridge demolition practices covering various aspects of the demolition process with real-world case studies.

Webinar Overview

Types of Bridges and Demolition Constraints

An exploration of different bridge structures and the materials used, such as concrete, steel, and masonry, and how these impact demolition strategies. Understanding the various challenges that can arise, including railway and road closures, structural conditions, time constraints, and environmental factors.

Demolition Methods:

A review of the different types of bridge demolition methodology and the use cases for each method.

  • Mechanical Demolition: Using heavy machinery like excavators and breakers to dismantle structures efficiently.
  • Cutting and Lifting: Employing diamond wire saws, floor saws, and other tools to cut bridge sections for safe removal.
  • Explosive Demolition: Implementing controlled explosions to bring down structures quickly, though less common in the UK.
  • Specialized Lifting Equipment: Utilising cranes, SPMTs, and barges to lift and transport large bridge sections.
  • Combination Approaches: Often combining multiple methods to address the specific challenges of each demolition project.

Asset Protection in Bridge Demolition

Asset protection ensures that surrounding infrastructure and essential services remain undamaged during bridge demolition.

Key measures include:

  • Crash Decks: Used to shield areas below the demolition site from falling debris.
  • Protective Scaffolding: Provides structural support and prevents damage to adjacent buildings.
  • Cushioning Materials: Use of Navvi mats and similar materials to absorb impact forces.
  • Temporary Supports: Maintain the stability of nearby structures during demolition.
  • Coordination: Involves working with utility companies, local authorities, and engineering teams.
  • Minimising Disruption: Strategies are designed to preserve vital infrastructure and ensure continuous operation of services.

Case Studies

In-depth analysis of notable projects highlighting the complex nature of demolition work and the innovative solutions employed to overcome various constraints and challenges.