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On the 10th of February Andun Engineering Consultants (Andun) will be hosting a Virtual Temporary Works Design Careers Fair for civil engineering students interested in graduate or summer placement positions.
Date : 10th Feb 2023 at 12.30 pm
Location: – Zoom
We are committed to supporting the development of the next generation of engineers, regularly recruiting graduates, and supporting summer placements for civil engineering students.
The careers fair will showcase what a Temporary Works Design career offers young engineers and how it can lead to a challenging and rewarding career in civil engineering.
Event Summary & Agenda

This event will give attendees an in-depth understanding of the real-world application of Temporary Works Design through presentations by experienced professionals, case studies, and a junior team member’s perspective of day-to-day work.

In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to connect with Andun team members from various regions, allowing them to ask questions and gain a range of insights into the industry. 

Introduction: A brief overview of the event and its purpose.

Presentations from our team: Attendees will hear from experienced professionals about the real-world application of Temporary Works Design and learn about recent projects through case studies.

Junior team member’s perspective: Attendees will gain an understanding of the day-to-day work of a Temporary Works Designer through a presentation by a junior team member.

Break-out rooms: Attendees can connect with Andun team members from various regions and ask questions about the industry.

Concluding remarks: A summary of the event and next steps for attendees interested in pursuing a career in Temporary Works Design.

Why Attend?

This event will provide valuable advice on the industry, including current trends and the requirements for a successful career in Temporary Works Design.

The event is free to attend, and you can sign up and book your place via Eventbrite here –