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Developing civil engineers is an important part of Andun’s business goals and values. Since the company was founded, we have taken students from universities on 12 month placements, summer placements and as graduates

Many of our employees, including members of senior management, started their engineering careers with Andun on a placement or graduate scheme and have continued to develop with us into their current positions.

This is part of the reason we continue to take on students for placements and summer internships, as we know that it is a great way to develop new engineers and find future members of the team. 

A recent example is Rebecca, who joined the company on a summer internship and now continues to work for us part-time whilst she completes the final year of her studies.

We asked Rebecca to share a little bit about herself and her journey with Andun Engineering Consultants.

Rebecca’s Journey With Andun

I am a final year Masters Student studying Civil Engineering at Heriot-Watt University, graduating in June 2024. 

Summer Internship 

In summer 2023, I completed an internship with Andun Engineering Consultants, which I enjoyed so much that I stayed on in a part-time position alongside my studies.

From the very first day, I was given the responsibility to produce complete design packages.

This includes writing the design report and producing the accompanying calculations, as well as the final drawings. 

With support from the team, I was able to apply what I have learned at university to real projects, which has helped further my understanding of both structural and geotechnical engineering, while also developing other skills, such as managing my tasks and communicating with clients.

Projects and Responsibilities

I have worked on a wide array of projects with tasks ranging from designing hoarding, pile mats, and crane foundations, to calculating slab capacities and checking stoplog and scaffolding designs. 


My favourite project has been designing a temporary bridge and abutments for a large plant access route. 

I enjoyed it because of the variety the single task presented, involving designing with a range of materials, and for various geotechnical properties; the abutments had two different designs as one side was positioned in a flood plain.

What Is It Like Working at Andun

I enjoy working for Andun because I feel they want me to learn and develop. The Senior Engineers are friendly and approachable and take the time to teach me. I had limited knowledge of temporary works before joining Andun but have since gained an appreciation for the sector. 

I really enjoy its fast-paced nature and the variety of the work; during my internship alone, I was exposed to over 25 different projects and was able to see them through from start to finish, with no two projects being the same.