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Many of the projects that Andun are involved in receive media coverage due to the size, scale and stature of the projects being undertaken.

Recently Andun have been involved in the high profile partial White Hart Lane demolition in north London.

This project received national media attention at various stages of the process and the outcome is visible on a weekly basis on television across the world when Tottenham play at home.

The purpose of the partial demolition was to remove sections from the north east corner of the stadium and secure the structure temporarily. This is so the stadium can be used at a reduced capacity (4,000 seats were removed) until the end of the current season.

This is preparation for the building of a new stadium on the same site, that will increase the capacity and modernise the stadium.

Andun White Hart Lane Partial Demolition

In addition to the demolition sequencing and temporary works , Andun were responsible for the connection designs for the strengthening to the structure that was to remain.

A major challenge of this project were the short timelines that the requirement to complete the partial demolition during the football close season period.

White Hart Lane Demolition Key Andun Contribution

When designing the roof connections, we advised our clients to change the connections from the proposed solution of welded connections to clamp details.

The advantage of this approach was that it would reduce the need for contractors to work at height, saving significant time within the project.

It is rewarding to know that the gable end, roof and strengthening bracing designed by Andun will be visible to hundreds of thousands of spectators and millions of television viewers across the world in the coming months.

The project has been completed successfully, not everyone has given the result glowing reviews. Goalkeepers playing at the stadium complaining that the demolition has caused swirling wind conditions that make their jobs a lot harder.