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Andun currently employs 15 people and this number is set to grow as the company expands.

Our recruitment strategy is focused on bringing in young and ambitious engineers and developing their skills through our tailored development schemes.

This is important as there is a skills shortage within the UK civil engineering industry. It is estimated by the Royal Academy of Engineering that British industry is 10,000 STEM graduates per year short of the level it needs to be.

We invest heavily in finding and developing engineering talent and have recently been accredited to run an Institute of Civil Engineers training scheme.

This formalises our existing training practices and allows our engineers to gain recognised qualification milestones such as becoming chartered. Having these targets within accreditation allows our employees to push to reach their full potential.

Civil engineer recruitment

Young engineers and company directors from Andun after some friendly team-building at the Karting track

Why Invest In Developing Engineering Talent

Seeing people develop their skill sets is something the management team enjoys.

By hiring engineers early in their careers we are able to introduce the Andun values and working philosophy from day 1. Empowering our engineers to be accountable and take responsibility for delivery from an early stage.

This approach has resulted in low levels of staff turnover and we are proud to have a loyal team of motivated engineers that are willing to go the extra mile.

How We Are Developing Engineering Talent

At Andun, we identify and train engineers of different educational backgrounds.

As well as hiring recent civil engineering graduates, we also hire students who are starting or part way through an engineering degree. This creates an opportunity for them to gain valuable on the job experience whilst completing their studies.

This can include hiring candidates that have just completed compulsory education and giving them a career path to becoming fully qualified. This includes paying for the required academic qualifications whilst working for us on a part-time basis.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Andun way of working, then drop us an email to