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Load Testing

Overview of load testing as part of temporary works through real-world case studies, detailed discussions on safety considerations, and insights into the critical role of rigorous analysis in determining the viability of design parameters.

Load Testing Webinar Overview

  1. Introduction to Load Testing in Structural Engineering
  2. Importance of Safety Considerations in Load Testing
  3. Necessity of Rigorous Analysis in Determining Structural Capabilities
  4. The Role of Stress Bars in Structural Integrity
  5. Challenges in Verifying Slab Information
  6. The Value of Load Testing in Uncertain Design Parameters
  7. Case Study: Load Testing for Justification of Advanced Track on Hartop and Lannoy Point Towers
  8. Considerations for Slab Deflection and Incremental Load Application
  9. Safety Procedures During Load Testing
  10. Case Study: Load Testing for Timber Floors
  11. Testing Scenarios and Joist Load Determination for Timber Floors
  12. Factors Influencing Load Distribution: Stiffness, Span, etc.
  13. Value of Research in Establishing Efficient Load Distribution