Andun Ltd have significant, demonstrable experience of designing cranes and lifting gear for specialist requirements. A complete bespoke lifting system can be designed and can include an assessment of the structure where the crane will be used. The cranes and lifting gear will be designed in 3D, analysed and a complete package of calculations and fabrication drawings will be delivered – all to the client’s specifications.
Previous recent experience designing cranes and lifting gear includes:

Crane Design


  • The conceptual and detailed design of a series of gantry cranes for use on the Birmingham New Street redevelopment works. The cranes were designed for the removal of sections of primary beams, secondary beams and slabs from the old NCP car park within Birmingham New Street Station. The cranes were designed for continuous use with a SWL of 15 tonne. The design works included the design of the crane rails and analysis of the station structure to demonstrate that the loadings applied by the crane rails were acceptable;
  • The detailed design of a pair of A-frame cranes for use in the deconstruction of the Liverpool & St Helen’s MAN gas holders. The design work included the design of the cranes, crane rails, and assessment of the structure to demonstrate that it was suitable for the intended loadings.
  • Numerous A-Frames for use on various demolition projects throughout the UK
  • A Novel lifting frame based on the use of a Screwjack lifting frame.

 Lifting Gear Design


  • Various spreader and lifting beams for use on various projects.
  • 5 tonne & 4 tonne C hook lifting frames to facilitate the removal of beams stubs on columns in the Birmingham New Street Project.

 Specialist Design


Andun are able to design bespoke, cost effective solutions to solve client’s problems. Previous examples include:

    • Lightweight access platforms to provide man access to the underside of a balcony, and catch run-off from wire sawing operations.
    • A mobile crash deck to allow a Brokk to demolish the balcony at Birmingham New Street station, as part of the South Side devleopment.
    • The design of a mobile crash deck. The client brief contained a number of key requirements, including:

* Ability to be moved around on wheels;
* All base components to be reasonably light-weight to allow ease of assembly and
disassembly without the use of mobile cranes;
* Ability to raise and lower a Brokk 160;
* Ability to carry a rubble load of 5kN/m2;
* Stable working platform at any level for a Brokk 160.