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Andun provide bridge demolition engineering solutions for schemes across the UK.

These projects range from simple footbridges to post tensioned viaducts located within a busy city centre. This includes rail, highways and pedestrian structures.

Our involvement has been working with the demolition contractor to provide demolition engineering support for the demolition sequencing, analysis of structures and demolition methodology. 

As these projects complete we will start compiling and publishing case studies outlining our involvement and the demolition engineering methodologies involved. 

A13 Saffron Gardens Bridge Demolition

Demolition of bridges typically leads to disruption of transport links as roads and railway lines need to be closed to complete the works.

A good example being the A13 Saffron Gardens Bridge Demolition where the effective planning and implementation saw the demolition contractor demolish the bridge and reopen the road inside 48 hours.

The road was opened two hours ahead of schedule. 

Cock Lane Werrington Bridge Demolition

The Cock Lane bridge demolition required two possessions of the East Coast Mainline to lift part of the eastern access ramp and the main span.

The footbridge was removed in two main phases with the main span being lifted out by mobile crane. Andun were responsible for the demolition engineering and sequencing.

Andun are currently providing demolition engineering support for the demolition of a number of bridges as part of the following projects

  • M4 Smart Motorways
  • M20 Expansion
  • Churchill Flyover

Demolition Engineering Methodology

Working with the demolition contractor the demolition engineering services provided have included 

  • F002/03 submissions
  • Approval in principle for highways submissions
  • Structural assessments, including continuous post tensioned structures
  • Vibration assessments
  • Track and road protection
  • Working platforms
  • Temporary propping
  • Earthworks stability
  • 2d and 3d sequence drawings