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Basement Temporary works are incredibly varied.

There are a number of different basement temporary works challenges, constraints and engineering factors that need to be considered when designing engineering solutions for these schemes.

There is a high level of risk with basement engineering schemes, with the HSE identifying that these projects are “specialised high-risk work that can catastrophically affect the stability of existing buildings”. 

So, when dealing with basement schemes, there are a number of engineering factors that need to be considered.

Site Information Is Key

Having access to accurate information about the existing structure, retaining walls and the ground is key to designing an effective and efficient basement scheme. 

There are lots of factors to consider and there is always uncertainty when working in the ground so the more information available the better placed the design team will be to manage and mitigate the risks of the scheme. 

Surrounding Buildings & Infrastructure

Basement schemes are often adjacent to roads, other buildings and infrastructure.

This adds additional stakeholders and project constraints to the scheme, for example where a scheme is near a road there may be a requirement for AIP submissions to the local authority to show how the scheme restrains their infrastructure.

Where the scheme is next to other buildings there may be the need for underpinning to prevent the basement undermining surrounding structures.

Multiple Disciplines

Buildability is key on basement schemes.

Multiple disciplines are working within the same space. This can include piling, steelworks, underpinning, temporary works and permanent works all needing to work together.

This makes sequencing the different elements of the project key to ensuring the scheme can be completed. Taking into consideration potential clashes during the temporary and permanent works. 

The sequencing of these disciplines becomes key to ensure there are no clashes and to take into account the multiple temporary states of stability throughout the sequence. 

You can review the different engineering challenges of basement temporary works by watching our recent Basement Temporary Works Webinar