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The completion of the renovation of York Guildhall by Vinci was recently reported by BBC Look North.

The York Guildhall was built in the 15th century with the complex containing Grade I, II*, and II listed buildings. The Guildhall has a rich history, having hosted kings and survived World War Two bombing raids.

The site is now fully operational as a business centre and is currently leased to the University of York as a flexible and collaborative workspace for local businesses.

The Guildhall has a new restaurant and public space. Members of the public will be invited to a series of scheduled events, offering an opportunity to learn more about the history of the building.

Project Overview

The age of the building and its disuse over the last ten years created a number of challenges. This is reflected in the scale of the project with the cost of work from start to finish totaling £21m.

The challenges were both historic and engineering in nature. 

From an engineering perspective the age and lack of use of the building combined with the need to maintain historic features meant there was a lot of complex engineering required to complete the project.

The discovery of Roman remains, a graveyard, and medieval artifacts, further complicated the timelines and sequencing of the work. 

Temporary Works Design Support

The nature of temporary works design means that our important work within a project is difficult to showcase or display.

Although not visible in the completed project, Andun Engineering Consultants provided a wide range of temporary works design support.

Guildhall Temporary Works Support

  •  Complex underpinning works for the river tower
  •  Various propping and needling for cut and carve demolition
  •  Cat 3 checks on a large roof scaffold
  •  Temporary works associated with adjacent new build
  •  Construction methodology for installation of lintel beneath large guildhall window,