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Temporary Works & Demolition Case Studies

Explore a variety of temporary works and demolition engineering case studies from our recent projects.

Gain insights into design challenges encountered and temporary works design and demolition techniques employed across various projects.

This webinar provides an overview of 15 key engineering projects undertaken in 2023.

This included the following engineering elements

  • Bridge demolition
  • Truss removal
  • Post-tensioned demolition
  • Chimney Stack demolition¬†
  • Ballasted tower crane design
  • Blowdown demolition engineering
  • Tower crane grillage design

Whistlestop Tour

Here is a quick recap of some of the projects of 2023.

Starting with the Castle footbridge demolition, where coordination between multiple parties led to a successful outcome despite a tight timeline.

St John’s Footbridge required rapid development and execution of a demolition scheme following damage. Another notable project was the demolition of the M3 Bagshot Bridge.

In Chelmsford, an Old Bailey bridge was removed and stored, while in Brighton and Hove, the demolition of the old bus depot involved a complex truss removal. A post-tension bridge demolition at Fence Lane, was successfully completed, and at Kemsley Paper Mill, a chimney stack was demolished.

The demolition sequencing for a scheme in Yorkshire involved careful planning around constructing a new bridge. Another project saw a post-tension structure removed and replaced with new bridges. In Manchester, a ballasted tower crane grillage was designed and installed under tight timelines.

Dismantling a container crane at Greenock was challenging due to the absence of archive drawings. Another crane grillage project in London involved significant design work for large-scale construction. The demolition of a power plant at Fiddler’s Ferry included extensive pre-weakening and explosive work.

The mechanical demolition of Laurie House in Derby required detailed structural analysis to ensure stability.

The Marlin Street project involved designing ties for a tower crane as part of a larger construction effort; finally, the Leadenhall project featured complex grillages for tower cranes.