Andun have extensive experience undertaking temporary works design projects for civil engineering and building contractors.

Andun deliver temporary works design for high profile infrastructure and redevelopment projects for some of the largest civil engineering firms in the UK and Europe.

Andun also work on a wide range of smaller, bespoke, challenging or emergency temporary works design. These projects utilise the extensive knowledge and experience of our team of engineers.

Design Approach

Contractors work with Andun because of our practical and cost effective approach to temporary works design and implementation.

Our designs are then implemented in line with Andun’s temporary works management procedures (based on BS5975) that are designed to ensure that the temporary works design is delivered safely in practice.

Andun’s temporary works procedures can be downloaded here

Andun’s forward thinking approach to temporary works design allows us to use BIM, 3D modelling and 3D printing to demonstrate innovative solutions to stakeholders during project delivery.

Temporary Works Design Case Studies

Birmingham New Street Redevelopment Works

Andun were employed on the Birmingham Gateway Project by Coleman and Company to advise on work methodology, appraise the requirements for temporary works and develop concept schemes, and to provide 3D modelling showing the demolition sequence.

See the full case study here 

Temporary Works Design


Centrepoint is a 35 story, Grade II listed building in central London, that boasts a colourful past as one of London’s earliest skyscrapers.

Andun was responsible for the sequencing of the removal process for the five floors including the temporary works design for the different propping, bracing, crash desks and facade supports to be used during the demolition process.

White Hart Lane – Tottenham Stadium Redevelopment 

Andun were responsible for the demolition sequencing and temporary works design during the first phase of demolition of White Hart Lane during the summer of 2016.

Andun were also responsible for the connection designs for the strengthening to the structure that was to remain.

When designing the roof connections, we advised our clients to change the connections from the proposed solution of welded connections to clamp details.

The advantage of this approach was that it would reduce the need for contractors to work at height, saving significant time within the project.

A major challenge of this project were the short timelines that the requirement to complete the partial demolition during the football close season period. 

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