Andun have a proven track record of designing specialist lifting equipment  to solve particular lifting problems in construction and demolition projects.

Typical areas where specialist lifting equipment is required include projects where access is limited for normal cranes or lifting equipment, or the items being lifted are abnormal in size, shape or the position of the centre of gravity.

As a engineering design consultancy we are not limited to using standard off the shelf solutions or products. We can where applicable design specific solutions to solve the problem at hand.

Andun utilise the latest BIM and 3D technologies to design, model and produce prototypes of specialist lifting equipment. We can use our in-house 3D printer to produce scale models suitable for stakeholder review.

Previous projects have demonstrated that allowing a stakeholder to hold a scale 3D model of the proposed solution prior to approval is beneficial in the decision-making process.

Andun’s specialist lifting equipment design capabilities allows contractors to implement the most efficient solution for the task at hand, whilst saving time and capital compared to conventional approaches.

Specialist Lifting Equipment Case Studies

Whitechapel Crossrail C- Hook

The Whitechapel Crossrail project required a solution to finding the most efficient way to remove 240 tonnes of concrete as quickly as possible given space restrictions.

The solution we proposed that was adopted by the contractor, was the use of a C-Hook designed in-house by Andun.

To demonstrate the design capabilities, we produced a 3-D print of the hook (pictured below). We found giving stakeholders the opportunity to visualise and hold the design was a key factor in securing approval for the use of this innovation.

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Birmingham New Street 

Andun Ltd were employed on the Birmingham Gateway Project by Coleman and Company at tender stage to advise on work methodology, appraise the requirements for temporary works and develop concept schemes, and to provide 3D modelling showing the demolition sequence.

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Liverpool St Helens

The works on the Liverpool-St Helens project included the demolition of a pair of MAN type gasholders together with additional in-ground holders and other ancillary works. The MAN holders comprised of a 60m high holder located beside Network Rail running lines adjacent to the former Herculaneum Dock in Liverpool and a 90m high holder in the centre of St Helens.

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