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Finding and nurturing talented civil engineers is a challenge and responsibility for the entire industry and is one that we take seriously at Andun.

Director Angus Holdsworth has always had a passion for promoting engineering to younger generations and this passion has seen him volunteer time to go into Primary Schools and talk to the children about engineering.

Recently he spent a week in a local primary school and spoke to the children about the engineering careers that are available and what being a civil engineer involves.

The highlight being an opportunity to inspire with a fun project that encompasses some of the principles of engineering that affect their everyday lives.

The Tower Challenge

The challenge that children had was to build a tower as light as possible and carry the best load.  This was an interactive team activity that allowed the children to look at the different materials available, how to test them and understand basic engineering properties.

The children took a number of different approaches and after some time to put a plan together and build the structures it was time to weigh and test the structures.  In front of the entire class, each tower was put through its paces.

Slowly weights were added to each structure to find the highest load that the structures they had built could carry before collapsing.

Value Of Educating Children On Careers In Engineering

“It was a great day talking to the children about engineering and telling them about the opportunities that it can offer, whilst teaching them a few principles about what being an engineer involves and what we do, was very impressed by some of the towers that the teams created.”

Angus Holdsworth – Andun

Whilst finding the time to dedicate to education can be a challenge given the strong growth that Andun is experiencing, we will continue to do what we can to inspire and educate the engineers of the future across all age groups.