Andun provide demolition design support for projects in the rail, energy, heavy industrial, commercial, nuclear and construction sectors.

Our specialist knowledge and ability to define innovative solutions to complex problems means that we can support the progress of the job with the from tender stage through to the award and completion of the works.

Andun’s support in these works is to provide temporary works design, lifting gear design, Basement propping, retaining solutions, and demolition sequencing.  Andun are also able to provide cat ii checks, or manage the cat iii process on the client’s behalf, leaving the client with a single point of contact rather than having to deal with two separate design organisations.

3D Demolition Design & Sequencing

Andun regularly use 3D modelling and produce 3D drawings to model demolition sequences, and illustrate temporary works designs. In some cases, we also provide physical 3D models using our in-house 3D printing capabilities.

This ensures efficient sequencing and provides proof of concept to stakeholders around the impact of works on structural integrity as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of or temporary works during the project.

It is becoming increasingly common that the temporary works for the demolition are included in the BIM model, to allow for clash detection between the temporary works and the proposed permanent works. Early clash detection can save significant time and costs on a project. The 3D model can also be used to check for clashes with proposed plant, i.e. piling rigs.

lift beam stress plotsCranes and lifting gear for demolition works

Where the job requires innovative or complex lifting works Andun are able to design project specific lifting gear, or even entire cranes to complete the works.

Structural Testing

Andun are able to offer an onsite structural testing service to confirm the capacities of structures prior to demolition. We will initially undertake an assessment of the structure based on site records, and original drawings; this will then be verified by laod testing onsite. This provides assurance to contractors that proposed plant is suitable to operate on structures.

Examples of Andun’s Work

Andun have provided demolition design support for projects ranging from the complete demolition of a MAN gas holder to the partial demolition of a live railway station.

High profile projects include the remodelling of Birmingham New street station,  Reading Railway Station and the partial demolition of White Hart Lane in North London.

Reading Railway Station – Providing support during the remodelling of Reading Station by providing calculations, propping design, crane positioning, crash deck/working platform design, lifting gear design, designing a restraint system and demonstrating structural stability during the planned works.

See the case study here –

White Hart Lane – Demolition and propping design for the partial demolition of Tottenham Hotspur’s ground in a short time window to ensure the stadium was operational for the start of the football season. Andun were responsible for the demolition sequencing, temporary works and connection designs for the strengthening of the remaining structure.

White Hart Lane Demolition

MAN Gas Holder – Demolition of 60m and 90m MAN gas holders adjacent to docks and network rail lines in Liverpool and St Helens. Andun designed the tethered crane system to facilitate deconstruction works.

See the case study here –

Birmingham New Street StationA 4-year long demolition project that included significant complex temporary works. From 1500 tonne mobile crane positions, through to the design of custom gantry cranes for demolishing sections of the structure above live railway lines.  Demolition Design

If you have a project that requires demolition design or sequencing support, then email, telephone us directly on 01245 360194 or alternatively please use the message form on the contact page.