Andun regularly produce temporary works solutions for clients. Previous examples include:

  • Crane positions on the roof of Birmingham New Street Station. This included an
    assessment of large areas of the existing structure to demonstrate that the crane could travel safely across the structure;
  • Designing the temporary works to stabilise a listed party wall, while a line of sheet piles were installed directly in front of the wall. Following this, a solution to tie the wall into the new permanent work was designed.
  • Temporary works to facilitate the installation of a 6m deep manhole and associated drains, which ran parallel to, and at approximately 3m from, a significant sheet pile retaining wall, which supported Network Rail running lines. This included a Form C submission to
    Network Rail.
  • A number of 250, 500 and 1000 tonne mobile crane positions in the streets surrounding Birmingham New Street Station. All of these required Form C submissions and approval by Network Rail;
  • Working platforms for plant, including crawler cranes, piling rigs, excavators and mobile cranes;
  • Outline lift planning, including the calculation/estimation of lift weights;
  • The design of specialist cranes and lifting gear;
  • The design of unique working platforms, such as the platforms designed for demolishing balconies at Birmingham New Street Station.

Design Checks


Andun regularly undertake design checks on other consultant’s temporary works designs. This ranges from checking a simple scaffold, to checking the foundation design for a tower crane. Previous examples include:


  • 500 tonne mobile crane position at Reading station;
  • Access tower to slip forming operations for lift core at Birmingham New Street station
  • 2No. Piled reinforced concrete tower crane bases at Birmingham New Street station re-development works;
  • A design check on a significant 86m high scaffold erected at Derwent Tower in Gateshead;
  • A design check on a RC raft foundation for a tower crane in Chiswick, London;
  • A design check on the large crash deck/working platform at Birmingham New Street
  • A design Check on the structural Pre-weakening of a tower block, prior to the building being blown down;
  • A design check on formwork and falsework proposals;
  • A design check on protective screens for the Derwent Tower Project.


Emergency Works


Andun are able to react very quickly to any emergencies or issues that a client may experience. We are able to attend the incident at short notice and will provide advice on the best way to make the site safe. We will then work with the client to produce a long term solution to the problem. Previous examples of this include:


  • In conjunction with Coleman & Co. we designed a system for stabilising a fire damaged alcohol distillery and came up with a methodology for removing damaged parts of the structure in a safe controlled manner.
  • Andun were asked to attend a site where there had been a significant failure of a 6m high sheet pile retaining wall. The failures led to significant movement of the ground behind the wall putting roads, a substation and a house at risk. Andun provided advice on the best way to stabilise the site in the short term and provided an outline scheme design for the permanent works, which was passed over to a specialist contractor for detailed design and pricing.


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